Professional level testing of imaging devices for everyone on Mac OS X and Windows.

Analyse Image Quality

Camera Analyser delivers comprehensive tools for analysis of image quality including opto-electronic conversion function, color accuracy, noise, resolution, and vignetting.

The application identifies the characterics of the product and provides objective test methods for analysis of image quality. The test methods are based on widely accepted standards, which provided detailed and reliable information of image quality.

The application supports several different test charts and allows the user to create custom test charts.

Improve Image Quality

The image quality is the most important factor of the product quality and it consists of several different factors of which analysis requires advanced test methods.

Camera Analyser exposes the strengths and weaknesses of the product and provides information if the product passes the requirements of the customers. Then the user can use resources efficiently and focus on improving the image quality.

Speed Up Testing

Camera Analyser simplifies the testing process remarkably and only minimal amount of previous experience of testing is required. The intuitive graphical user interface is very simple to learn and the command line interface automates the testing process. The application is highly flexible and scalable with comprehensive options.

Improve Efficiency

The testing process requires the most of the resources of the product development. Camera Analyser eliminates the need for custom testing applications, which speeds up the product development. The user can focus on the design of the product.

Reduce Costs

Camera Analyser provides flexible pricing and licensing conditions and supports both Mac OS X and Windows. There will be no additional costs if the platform is changed.

Try for Free!

Camera Analyser Lite is available free of charge and provides all the tests and the support for most common test charts and fundamental features.

Download Camera Analyser Lite!